Should I have a regular GP? 

David Lockart

I hate getting sick. Aches, pains, fevers and not being able to do anything. I also have small children, and the idea that daddy needs to have some time to rest just does not cut it with them. So, whenever I am unwell, I just want to get better as quickly as possible. 

Maybe a trip to the GP could help. But does it matter who I see for a simple cough or cold? 

While it may not seem important who you see for a little things, there are lots of benefits from seeing your regular GP whenever you can: 

Having someone who knows you 

Seeing the same doctor for most of your care allows you to get to know them as they get to know you. A relationship built up over time means you can develop a better understanding of each other, and this can help you know that this is someone you can trust.

Being on the front foot for preventative health care 

Having a regular doctor helps your care to be about more than the current symptom prompting your visit. Across our whole lives there are important things to do to look after our future health. From immunisations in childhood, sexual health checks, cervical, breast and bowel cancer screening, heart attack and stroke prevention, to memory care and falls prevention in later life, seeing your GP regularly is good for your health! 

Reduce the risk that you will need to go to the emergency department 

A study in England recently showed that people who saw a regular GP were less likely to need admission to hospital than those who did not see a regular GP. If we are able to look after people’s health better in a general practice, we are able to decrease the number of times people need to go to the hospital. This helps the Emergency Department to be better able to care for us when we need it most. 

What are we doing at Barton Lane Practice? 

At Barton Lane Practice we encourage everyone to have a regular, preferred doctor they see for most of their care. We seek to recruit health professionals who want to be here for the long term, so that you can build that important relationship with your regular doctor. 

We also know that on any given day you may have an urgent need to see a doctor, and your GP may not be available. At Barton Lane Practice, our GPs work together to care for you, so if your preferred GP is not able to see you on a specific day, we will try to get you an appointment with one of our other GPs. 

In 2020, we have been very fortunate to have three GPs join us who have the goal of being here for good. These doctors are Dr Timothy Igbenije, Dr Darla Grace and Dr Laura Heal. This makes 2020 a great year for you to find your own, regular GP. 

Dr Timothy Igbenije

Dr Darla Grace

Dr Laura Heal

If you would like to see one of these doctors, you can book an appointment here: