Appointment Types

Standard Consult

These are 15-minute appointments with a GP. They are suitable for most acute medical problems, and are best suited to one main issue. Often one or two small other items can be included, such as a repeat script or blood pressure check.

Long consult

These are 30-minute appointments with a GP, which allows for the care of more complex concerns or when you have a list. If you have a few things you want to discuss, or if you are wanting a check-up and have not seen a doctor for some time, this appointment type may be the most suitable for you.

Skin Check

These are 30-minute appointments with a GP for a ‘top-to-toe’ check of your skin. These checks are often recommended for people who have already had skin cancers removed, a family history of melanomas, or have multiple spots that they are concerned about.

Cervical Screening Test (Pap)

Staying up to date with your Cervical Screening Tests is one of the best ways to avoid cervical cancer. You can book these checks with one of our doctors or one of our nurses at our popular Well Women’s Clinic.

Mental Health Care Plan

These are 30-minute appointments with a GP which includes time completing an assessment and then developing a plan for your mental health. This plan can then be used to refer you to Medicare subsidised visits to psychology services (you can receive up to 6 visits from the initial plan). These plans cannot be completed in a Standard 15-minute Consult.

Mental Health Care Plan Review

If you have already completed a Mental Health Care Plan with us here at Barton Lane Practice, there may be times you need it updated in a ‘Review’. These are 15-minute consults with a GP to make sure the plan still meets your needs, and can be used to access more psychology service visits, up to the maximum of 10 per a calendar year.